Zombie Requiem: Introit

by Wendy Wiseman Fisher

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The first movement of the Zombie Requiem. Who deserves a requiem more than the zombies? They're still trying! You can has video: youtu.be/l4o3bwWL9Ok



Grant zombies ruthless and effective headshots and death, O Medic,
And let perpetual bullets rain upon zombies.
A newly discovered storehouse of food and guns becomes you,
O Survivalist Hero Captain,
In the far-flung barn in the countryside,
And to you shall a vow be repaid in the tightly secured yet luxurious island of uninfected survivors.
Witness and be impressed by my impressive training montage;
To you all flesh will come, unfortunately.
Ruthless and effective headshots and death grant to zombies, O Medic,
And let perpetual bullets rain upon zombies.


released March 13, 2017




Wendy Wiseman Fisher Livermore, California

Twitter: @ChimericalSoup. Nerdy Ambient Choral Multitracks ftw! Wendy is a director of music at a church in Livermore, a piano and voice teacher, and a choir nerd. She enjoys writing choral pieces, hence the many a cappella multitracks. She has resting derp face. Needs more coffee. Probably likes you already. ... more

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