Zombie Requiem: Wrath

by Wendy Wiseman Fisher

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This fifth movement of the Zombie Requiem was written (and I include this for you music nerds) in 11/8 Locrian. I did this for you. Therefore you are obligated to enjoy it... <.<



The day of wrath, that day
May dissolve the world in ashes,
Medic being witness along with the Badass Hero Captain.

How great will be the quaking,
when the embittered yet expert sniper will come,
investigating everything strictly.

Death and nature will marvel,
when the creature will rise again,
to respond to the call of the brains

with the Badass Hero Captain.


released March 21, 2017




Wendy Wiseman Fisher Livermore, California

Twitter: @ChimericalSoup. Nerdy Ambient Choral Multitracks ftw! Wendy is a director of music at a church in Livermore, a piano and voice teacher, and a choir nerd. She enjoys writing choral pieces, hence the many a cappella multitracks. She has resting derp face. Needs more coffee. Probably likes you already. ... more

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