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Hi there! My name is Wendy and I'm a nerdy choral type - I write multitracks, sometimes serious, but mostly silly or geeky. I'm posting to BandCamp in order to stay organized and (musically) available for you - if you want to hear my music stuffs, this is totally the place to be. If you subscribe to me, you'll get my entire back catalogue as well as instant access to all of my new music as I create it - plus, you'll get special subscriber-only extras, such as exclusive music, messages, and interviews.

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Wendy Wiseman Fisher
Livermore, California
Twitter: @ChimericalSoup. Nerdy Ambient Choral Multitracks ftw! Wendy is a director of music at a church in Livermore, a piano and voice teacher, and a choir nerd. She enjoys writing choral pieces, hence the many a cappella multitracks. She has resting derp face. Needs more coffee. Probably likes you already.

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