Zombie Requiem: Helicopter

by Wendy Wiseman Fisher

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This is the final song in the Zombie Requiem. Typically called the In Paradisum, I've recast this as "Helicopter." I'm reflecting the introit in some ways here - note the return of the pentatonic scale, because pentatonic, that's why.



May the organized survivors lead you onto the helicopter launch pad;

May your remaining friends and family receive you at your arrival and be more psychologically well-adjusted than you remember them being

And lead you to the healthy city the tightly secured yet luxurious island of uninfected survivors.

May you develop a vaccine

And with your best friends, may you have a full quota of helicopter privileges and safety on the island.


released March 30, 2017




Wendy Wiseman Fisher Livermore, California

Twitter: @ChimericalSoup. Nerdy Ambient Choral Multitracks ftw! Wendy is a director of music at a church in Livermore, a piano and voice teacher, and a choir nerd. She enjoys writing choral pieces, hence the many a cappella multitracks. She has resting derp face. Needs more coffee. Probably likes you already. ... more

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